Safely covering well cellars reduces risks associated with people, animals, vehicles, equipment, and debris from falling into open well cellars.  Covered well cellars also provide a safe environment for workers to access the wellhead and other equipment.  To meet these needs, Cellar Tech offers engineered Grating & Structural Cover Plate Systems for new or pre-existing conventional well cellars.


What Are the Potential Drawbacks to Conventional Cellar Covers?


  • Do not adequately cover the cellar
  • Non-suitable materials are used
  • Fabricated in the field at a higher cost
  • Non-engineered covers are a liability for E&P companies


Other issues exist as well.  Click on the thumbnails below for images that highlight the dangers of utilizing conventional cellar covers or no cover at all:

Cellar Tech's top plates are properly engineered to handle any requirement, eliminating risky platform such as thisEven after back filling, cellars can pose hazards and can be hard to work in. Well cellar covers that do not fit present trip hazards as well as spots for objects to fall into cellars. Un-covered well cellars can be accidents waiting to happen Non-engineered grating is prone to bend and warp over time Trip hazards exist and cellars can still provide limited access without proper grating Well cellars with no grating offer poor & dangerous working conditions Even though it was clearly marked this truck still fell into a cellar on location









Engineered Well Cellar Grating & Covers To Meet Any Need


Cellar Tech can provide E&P companies with Grating Systems or Solid Covers that safely cover open well cellars to prevent accidents and increase access to the wellhead.  Not only does this make the area around the cellar a safer place to work, but it can also eliminate the need to back fill cellars.  Our systems come engineered to meet our customer’s load requirements.  The design and ordering process is very straight forward and the end product is high quality.



Options & Accessories Include:

  • Non-Skid Surfaces
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Wellhead Access Ladders
  • Perimeter Railings & Access Gates
  • Below Grade Grating Levels for Wellhead Access


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