Cellar Tech’s Patent Pending Surface Casing Hangers are external of the wellhead and attach to the last joint of surface casing.  This allows the drilling rig to land the surface casing on the structural base plate of the Cellar Tech Well Containment Well Cellar which then supports the weight of the surface casing, wellhead, BOP, and drill out forces.  Because the surface casing’s cement sheath is never called upon to support any weight, wellhead installation may proceed as soon as landing the wiper plug and checking the floats.


Casing hanger installed

Cellar Tech Surface Casing Hanger Landed

For most E&P companies this can save six to eighteen hours of flat time and keeps the rig on the critical path. In doing so, E&P companies can increase profitability of the well through reduction in flat time before BOP installation.  The savings generated by eliminating Waiting On Cement (WOC) time will typically offset the cost of a Containment Well Cellar and in some cases even surpass it.  Compression strength testing and WOC time requirements differ from state to state.  For more information on your states rules and regulations please visit our Surface Casing Cement Pressure Testing and Cement Setting Times page.

This drawing shows Cellar Tech's surface casing hanger system before and after landing.

This drawing shows Cellar Tech’s surface casing hanger system before and after landing.


Our cellars are manufactured to support a range of base plate loads from 10,000 to 1,500,000 lbs.  Custom cellar designs are available to support specific loads so our customers don’t have to pay for a cellar that can support more weight than needed.  Many other accessories and options are available.  Contact us today to learn more about our surface casing hangers as well as other products available from Cellar Tech.