An American Company, A Great Idea

Cellar Tech has been in business for ten years and is owned by Jim Rose. With 30 years of experience working for major oil and gas companies in engineering and management roles, Jim had been tripping over well cellars over most of his career when the insight that became Cellar Tech developed.  Jim knew there had to be a better way and used his experience to design and patent the first Containment Well Cellar in 2006.   Since then Cellar Tech has grown and now offers innovative products that further improve operations both in the well cellar and beyond.


The Prefabricated Containment Well Cellar

The basic idea behind Cellar Tech's Contained Well Cellar

The basic idea behind Cellar Tech’s Containment Well Cellar

“Everything in the industry has advanced over the years…with the exception of the well cellar. People are still working in unimproved excavations with culvert pipe, 18” of mud, and 3×12 boards. That kind of operation may look cost-effective on the surface, but it isn’t. Clearly that type of operation doesn’t meet reasonable HSE standards.

With the Cellar Tech Containment Well Cellar and Surface Casing Hanger Systems, these issues will be things of the past. Operations and HSE professionals as well as field personnel will be able to see the benefits at a glance. The small up-front costs more than pay for themselves over the life of the well and make the drilling operations safer, smoother, and more reliable.”

— Jim Rose, Cellar Tech

The first Cellar Tech Containment Well Cellars were used in Alaska and provided E&P companies there with many benefits that were not available to them, nor even thought of, when utilizing a traditional well cellar.  When the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays started heating up Cellar Tech products were found to be very beneficial for E&P companies drilling in the area.  Word spread and soon Cellar Tech’s Containment Well Cellars became a common site on well pads.  Today, many E&P companies utilize our Containment Well Cellars because they see the positive financial impact that they have on their business.  While many E&P companies utilize our products, the largest testimonial to their effectiveness is that no company that has ever started using them has stopped using them.

New Services, Innovations, and the Future

In 2015 Cellar Tech merged with Himes Diversified, based in Duncansville, Pennsylvania.  For the previous three years Himes had primarily worked in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays setting conductors and installing Cellar Tech’s Containment Well Cellars for various E&P companies.  With Cellar Tech and Himes Diversified working together it made sense for the two companies to become one.  With the merger complete E&P companies now have a single point of contact for getting both their conductors set and cellars installed.

Other services are available from Cellar Tech’s Field Services Division and new products are being designed, tested, and fielded all the time.  We invite you to check our page often for announcements containing new products and services being offered by Cellar Tech.  If you would like to learn more about our current line of products and services please Contact Us today and learn why Cellar Tech’s satisfied customers include BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Vantage, and many others.