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Cellar Tech is a company focused on offering cutting edge products and services that improve our customer’s profitability.  We invite you to learn more about our company’s people, history, and future.

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More Than Just a Well Cellar

Receving Attention Nationwide Cellar

Almost every part of the drilling process has been improved in order to increase efficiency.  One of the exceptions is well cellars. Currently, most E&P companies utilize the same style of well cellar that they used over fifty years ago. E&P companies that have begun to use Cellar Tech Containment Well Cellars have unlocked potential process improvements that were never even imagined when utilizing a standard tin horn cellar. No matter the well type or area, Cellar Tech has solutions to fit the needs of any E&P company.

Contact Us today and learn how Cellar Tech’s containment well cellar system, along with a variety of available options, can improve your drilling operations.

New Paths for Drilling Optimization

Our goal is to improve worker safety, environmental stewardship, and operational performance while reducing cost.  Accomplishing all of these goals is no small challenge, however our products do just that.  We invite you to explore our website and learn more about how Cellar Tech’s products and services can benefit your company’s operations.

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